Newsletter | September 26, 2008

9.26.08 -- Feature Article: Closest Look Ever At Graphene
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Closest Look Ever At Graphene
3-D Processor Runs At 1.4 Ghz On New Architecture, Points To More Powerful Chip Designs
A Cautionary Note In The Use Of Carbon Nanotubes As Interconnects
UMD Silicon Could Outsell PC Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors To Restructure Organization, Cut 4,500 Jobs
Bottoms Up: Better Organic Semiconductors For Printable Electronics
Wireless Technologies Used Today Based On Decades Of Work At Virginia Tech
Growing World Consumption Of Electronic Goods Will Continue To Benefit Crystal Oscillator Manufacturers
Researchers Develop 'Nanonets' That Improve Material Used In Microelectronics
International Team Develops Material That Is Both A Magnet And A Semiconductor
Featured Products
Design Kits
Datatronic provides transformer design kits and unshielded and shielded SMD inductor design kits with various specifications. The transformer design kits contain three pieces each of all turns ratios of the CT317 and CT323 current sense transformers, and the SM76760, SM76922, SM76924, SM76725, SM77121 and SM77154 gate drive transformers...

Bench Top Humidity Chambers
Hotpack offers three Bench Top Humidity Chambers with capacities of 4.8 or 9.7 cu.ft. These test chambers are designed to accurately duplicate natural temperature and humidity conditions for applications such as stability testing of pharmaceutical products, shelf-life testing of foods, MIL-SPEC applications, and other environmental testing of packaging, adhesives, electronic components, automotive parts, paper, building materials and more...

Featured Download
Reference Guide: Precision Temperature Control Products Brochure
The Titan Trap from FTS Systems is the first cold trap to incorporate a titanium helical coil design and Teflon coated stainless steel chamber, to provide maximum efficiency for vacuum trapping of corrosive vapors to -100C...
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