News | May 11, 1999

Accelerated Technology, Metrowerks Support MIPS, NEC and PowerPC CPUs

Operating system software house Accelerated Technology (Mobile, AL) has just teamed up with Metrowerks (Austin, TX; a supplier of software development tools for desktop and embedded systems) to provide kernel integration of Metrowerk's CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) into the Accelerated Technology Nucleus PLUS realtime kernel. This development targets OEMs designing with MIPS, NEC 32-bit RISC V80O Series, and popular PowerPC processors and architectures.

You can benefit from Nucleus PLUS/CodeWarrior because it provides testing and debugging capability for embedded programs using Nucleus PLUS. Time-to-market can be reduced with this development package that includes an editor, compilers, linker and debugger within a single IDE.

Kernel Awareness

The CodeWarrior Embedded Development Kit (EDK) for Nucleus PLUS provides kernel awareness, which lets you display Nucleus PLUS information--including all tasks currently running--as well as specific information on all Nucleus PLUS kernel objects such as semaphores, queues and device drivers. It plugs into CodeWarrior's tightly integrated tool chain.

Nucleus PLUS source code is sold without royalty fees. Licenses starts at about $12,500 each. For more information about Metrowerks, contact the company at 9801 Metric Blvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78758, or call 512-873-4700. For details from Accelerated Technology, contact Neil Henderson, President, at 720 Oak Circle Dr. East, Mobile, AL 36609, or call him at 800-468-6853.