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AKM Has Developed Ultra-Low Power Step-Up DC-DC Converter In Sensing Technology


Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed a step-up DC-DC converter that works only consuming 3μW of power. The AP4470 helps provide long term, multipoint and a low-cost sensing network. This accelerates large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) implementations.

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Infinite Energy Harvesting Resources for Ultra-low power DC-DC converter from AKM (Graphic: Business ...

Infinite Energy Harvesting Resources for Ultra-low power DC-DC converter from AKM (Graphic: Business Wire)

Energy harvesting is the technology that derives small amounts of energy directly from the environment and converts it into electric power. Efficient power management is a key component for energy harvesting. One of the biggest issues is that consumption from the power management function is greater than the energy supply from the environment. Therefore, there are so many energy sources that have never been used in our environment.


1. 0.2V input self-startup without transformer
The AP4470 requires only 0.2V input to start boosting without the need for an external transformer. This helps minimize energy harvesting materials size and simplify the structure. The AP4470 enables new ways to provide power to drive sensors, displays and wireless modules.

2. Embedded Power Supply and Protection Functions
The AP4470 has 2 switches that control the power supply for target devices, (sensors, wireless modules, LEDs), and protect external storage, (capacitors), and the target. This provides a self-powered wireless sensor node, display system with simple hardware design.
The AP4470 converts DC inputs up to 3.55V and monitors external storage. When the external storage’s voltage reaches 3.3V, the AP4470 automatically starts suppling to target devices. If the voltage drops down to 2.6V, the AK4470 stops suppling voltage and current via on-chip switch function.

3. Power Indicators
2-types of power indicators offer a reset function and trigger switch with zero standby current. The AP4470 has a pin that outputs a signal when the boosting circuit becomes active. The AP4470 has another pin which outputs a signal when the AP4470 starts supplying, which means external storage’s voltage reaches 3.3V.

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