News | July 23, 2018

Cadence Introduces Voltus-XP Technology With Extensive Parallelism, Up To 5X Acceleration, And Increased Capacity For Power Signoff At Advanced Nodes


Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced that it has enhanced the Cadence® Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution with an extensively parallel (XP) algorithm option employing distributed processing technology for power grid signoff at advanced-node process technologies. This new algorithm, which provides performance improvements up to 5X and works on giga-scale designs, enhances the Voltus solution’s massively parallel execution with more efficient near-linear performance scalability on thousands of CPUs and hundreds of machines, and is also cloud ready.

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The Voltus-XP technology is ideal for power signoff of very large chip designs at advanced-process technologies in applications such as mobile, high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning, artificial intelligence, networking, automotive, and more. With the new extensive parallel algorithm also providing much larger capacity than before, any full-chip SoC designs can now be run flat, not only for power-grid IR drop and electromigration (EM) analysis but also electrical and thermal co-analysis at the chip-package-board system level, including 3DIC, with Cadence Sigrity technologies.

“We have been using the Cadence Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution to sign off our mobile and HPC production designs because of its high performance and silicon accuracy,” stated Zanfeng Chen, design director at HiSilicon. “As the semiconductor industry pushes the envelope on advanced FinFET process nodes, it is crucial that a tool like the Voltus solution stays ahead of the performance curve and allows us to achieve 24-hour turnaround time for power signoff. We are happy to have verified that the extensive parallelism in the Voltus solution can deliver the results in line with our future 5G chip design requirements.”

“The Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution is architected for big design data management with demanding requirements for parallel execution in chip-power calculation, grid parasitic extraction, IR drop and EM analysis,” said Chin-Chi Teng, Cadence vice president and general manager, Digital and Signoff Group. “This unique Voltus-XP technology distributes processing over a large number of machines effectively and provides a high-performance power signoff solution with silicon-proven accuracy, which enables our customers to meet their time-to-market challenges.”

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