News | March 19, 2018

Integrated High Level Shut-In Safety Feature Now Available On All Electrolab Model 2100 Digital Level Sensors

Ensure Environmental Safety and Prevent Tank Overflow

Boerne, TX /PRNewswire/ - Electrolab announces the availability of an integrated High Level Shut-In option for its RU Flex and Fiberglass Digital Level Sensors. Due to the popularity of this safety feature on the Stainless Steel Digital Level Sensor, Electrolab has expanded this optional feature to its full Digital Level Sensor line. With the High Level Shut-In option now available on all Model 2100 Digital Level Sensors, a customer can choose the Digital Level Sensor and options that fit their site and safety requirements.

When equipped with the High Level Shut-In option, anyModel 2100 Digital Level Sensor can provide accurate measurement of up to two levels and up to eight temperature measurements in the same tank with a single sensor, while a separate, dedicated safety circuit ensures an accurate high and high-high level alarm.

A Digital Level Sensor with the High Level Shut-In option offers two distinct circuits: one for normal continuous level and temperature measurement and a separate, dedicated circuit to register high and high-high alarm conditions. The sensor communicates the high and high-high alarm signals to a control device to prevent overfilling of a production tank. The high alarm signal warns field personnel when a tank is reaching capacity and close to overfilling, while the second high-high alarm sends a signal to shut in a well that is about to overfill a tank. An integrated test fixture allows production personnel to manually test operation of the high-high alarm feature with the tank hatch closed, eliminating any risk of exposure to harmful fumes.

Unlike other devices on the market that offer inferred level measurements, a Model 2100 DLS with High Level Shut-In is in contact with the fluid in the tank to offer a direct, digital measurement that is consistently accurate and reliable. The device is suitable for production monitoring, inventory control, leak detection, high-level alarm and well shut-in and is available in API 18.2 compliant configurations.

Any Model 2100 DLS with High Level Shut-In option is Class I, Div. 1 Group D certified explosion proof for hazardous locations when equipped with Electrolab's Explosion Proof Housing (12V or 24V) or Intrinsically Safe when used with an approved barrier device. All metal components of the sensor are treated with a patented anti-paraffin treatment provided by e9 Treatments, Inc. (, which helps to repel paraffin and works to ensure the ongoing measurement accuracy of the device.

"Electrolab is pleased to offer the High Level Shut-In feature across the entire Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor product line. Our customers have asked for and now have the flexibility to specify sensors to meet their specific site and safety requirements. The High Level Shut-In is just one more example of Electrolab's commitment to offering products to ensure the safety of oilfield personnel and the environment," said Todd Mathias, President, Electrolab, Inc.

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