Company Profile | January 1, 1996

bus connectivity, slot expansion units, bus adapters, real-time memory networks, repeaters, VMEbus

Source: SBS Bit 3 Operations
bus connectivity, slot expansion units, bus adapters, real-time memory networks, repeaters, VMEbus
SBS Bit 3 Operations' goal is to provide the fastest, most reliable, and easiest to use bus interconnection solutions for personal computers, workstations, and industrial computers.

Since the company's conception in 1979, SBS Bit 3 has recognized and met the need for direct, low-latency, high-bandwidth connection between computer buses. In 1983 the company introduced the first product in its adapter family, a PC to MULTIBUS I adapter. Currently, SBS Bit 3 adapter family consists of thirty models, five UNIX software drivers, two Windows drivers for NT and 95, over 25 cable types, fiber-optic interfaces and a number of dual port RAM options. Adapter products support interconnections from PCs, workstations, and most standard buses to the same bus and other industrial buses. SBS Bit 3 also offers a VME64 Repeater for transparent bus connection to a separate VMEbus enclosure. In May, 1995, the company shipped the first model of its Expansion Unit family, a PCI Mini-tower Expansion Unit. SBS Bit 3 now offers 16 bus expansion unit combinations (PCI, cPCI, PMC, and VMEbus to PCI or cPCI) in either an 8-slot mini-tower or an 8-slot and 14-slot rack-mount enclosure.

In November, 1996, SBS Technologies, Inc. purchased Bit 3 Computer Corporation and changed its name to SBS Bit 3 Operations. SBS Bit 3 continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of SBS.

Continuing its commitment to provide the highest quality and reliability, SBS Bit 3 obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1994. The company performs 100% inspection and functional testing on every printed circuit card after first subjecting each to a minimum 24-hour heat cycle stress test. The result is dependable products.

In 1997 SBS Bit 3 introduced the Broadcast MEMORY networking systems. Soon the need for a Shared MEMORY interconnection became apparent and was also developed.

In the future, SBS Bit 3 will continue to be the foremost source for fast, easy to use, technically advanced interconnection solutions for the latest, popular buses.