News | June 2, 1998

Caldera Establishes Office in Taiwan

Caldera has opened a new office in Taipei, Taiwan, in response to an increased demand for DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder by OEMs of compact embedded devices. The timing of Caldera's latest releases of DR-DOS and DRWebSpyder corresponds with a decrease in the cost of x86 chips, creating a sharp increase in demand for Caldera's DOS-based embedded solutions.

The new Caldera Taipei office employs two industry veterans, Irrana Huang and Henry Huang, known for their extensive work with DR-DOS-based products from the original Digital Research Inc. and Novell Inc.

On May 11, Caldera began shipping DR-WebSpyder 2.0, a customizable, high-performance Web browser for embedded OEM devices. The combination of DR-WebSpyder running on DR-DOS creates the industry's most compact graphical Internet access client. OEMs are utilizing DR-WebSpyder in solutions that include interactive information kiosks, network computers, Internet set-top boxes, hand-held data entry devices, point-of-sale systems and other compact embedded devices with display. Caldera also announced the availability of the DR- System Builder Kit (DR-SBK), to aid OEM's of x86-based devices to quickly customize and implement DR-WebSpyder and DR-DOS into their compact embedded devices.