News | August 3, 2023

Calnetix Technologies' Defense And Aerospace Division To Exhibit And Present At Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering Technology Symposium

Cerritos, CA (PRWEB) - Calnetix Technologies’ defense and aerospace division will exhibit and present at the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering Technology Symposium (GVSETS) in Novi, Michigan from August 15-17.

Calnetix’s Director of Business Development, Matthew Farides will give a presentation, titled, “Development of a 500-kW Silicon-Carbide Bidirectional AC/DC Inverter for Electric and Hybrid Applications” on August 15 at 1:10 PM. The presentation is based on a technical paper, which is co-authored by Calnetix’s Power Electronics Manager, Liping Zheng; Mechanical Engineer IV, Ryan Yates; Staff Engineer, Pana Shenoy; and former Calnetix Employee and Program Manager, Jun Isobe.

The presentation will describe the ongoing development of the Enercycle™ DC-1000 universal bidirectional 500 kW AC/DC silicon-carbide (SiC) inverter for military hybrid ground vehicles and discuss system-level challenges encountered in designing the inverter per requirements. Farides will explain the key design features, including high-speed inverter and DC static switch interfaces, a custom-designed DC bus capacitor that can withstand high operating temperatures, and interlock features to ensure operator safety.

“Calnetix’s Enercycle™ DC-1000 inverter combines emerging technologies, such as SiC power switching component and novel thermal management into a highly dense and rugged package for operation in harsh environments,” said Vatche Artinian, CEO of Calnetix. “The high-frequency inverter can meet the power conversion and distribution needs in military, airborne and naval applications and can be universally implemented in series-hybrid, parallel-hybrid and all-electric architectures.”

In addition to the paper presentation, Calnetix will showcase a cutaway model of Magnaforce™ high-speed motor generator and Enercycle™ DC-1000 inverter at booth 534.

GVSETS is one of the NDIA Michigan Chapter’s key industry-government-academia events. The primary objective of the GVSETS is to collaborate with industry, government, and academia in addressing the Army's transformational requirements. The three-day event brings together defense executives, program managers, engineers, and other key decision-makers to discuss initiatives, programs, plans, and innovative technical solutions for manned and unmanned ground systems.

About Calnetix Technologies
Calnetix Technologies, LLC (“Calnetix”), headquartered in Cerritos, Calif., is focused on Innovation That Drives Industries®. The company specializes in high-performance, high-speed motor generators and best-in-class advanced magnetic bearings and control systems. Calnetix’s patented, underlying technologies, which have been in use since the company’s inception in 1998, have made Calnetix a world leader in the design and production of high-speed machines. The company’s overall technology portfolio and system integration capabilities have led to development and production contracts with industry leaders and the start of many successful subsidiaries that focus on unique niche markets.

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