CPCI Power

Source: Winchester Electronics Corporation
Winchester Electronics' new 47-position CompactPCI® Power Connectors are designed to the requirements of PICMG...
Winchester Electronics' new 47-position CompactPCI® Power Connectors are designed to the requirements of PICMG® Power Interface Specification 2.11 R1.0 for use in connecting CompactPCI pluggable power supplies to backplanes in subrack equipment based on IEEE 1101.1, IEEE 1101.10, and VITA 30 packaging specifications.

The PICMG Power Interface Specification recommends using 47-position power connectors in all new CompactPCI system designs, superceding prior practices incorporating either similar looking 38-position connectors or DIN 24+8 Type-M power connectors.

Typical CompactPCI system packaging requires right-angle male connectors to be mounted onto daughtercards (free boards) and vertical female socket connectors to be mounted onto backplanes (fixed boards.) Systems containing 3U power supplies utilize one mated pair, while systems containing 6U power supplies use two mated connector pairs.

The 47-position CompactPCI Power Connector provides both versatility and performance through its combination of DC and AC power contacts.

  • 20 DC power contacts fully loaded in positions 1 – 20. Also available selectively loaded.
  • 3 AC power contacts configured for sequential mating applications loaded in positions 45, 46, 47.
  • 24 signal contacts loaded in positions 21 – 44.

Winchester's vertical female socket connectors are available in both through-hole solder and compliant contact termination styles. Press-fit connectors feature Winchester's proven, reliable, and industry leading C-Press® compliant pin technology. Right-angle pin headers are available with tin-plated solder tails for improved solderability.

Standard pin headers and female sockets are available with 30 microinches of gold plating, which complies with the PICMG specification requirement of 250 mating cycles. For applications that do not require this level of durability, Winchester also offers connectors plated with 10 microinches of gold for additional cost savings.