News | July 25, 2005

DuPont And Sanmina-SCI Ink Licensing Agreement For Buried Capacitance Technology

Source: DuPont Microcircuit Materials
Research Triangle Park, NC -- DuPont Electronic Technologies announced an agreement with Sanmina-SCI to become a licensee of Sanmina-SCI's patented Buried Capacitance technology. DuPont Interra HK polyimide laminates can now be used in the practice of Buried Capacitance technology, available to Sanmina-SCI's existing family of licensed printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. The combination of DuPont Interra planar capacitor laminates and the Sanmina-SCI Buried Capacitance technology enables smaller, more reliable, high-performing electronics.

"We are excited that DuPont Electronic Technologies has licensed our Buried Capacitance technology," said George Dudnikov, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Sanmina-SCI's PCB and Backplane Divisions. "Buried Capacitance technology is an enabler for high-technology printed circuit boards in the telecommunications, high-end computing and military markets. The benefits of using Buried Capacitance technology can be seen in a variety of areas, particularly in the reduction of high-frequency electromagnetic interface noise and in a quieter power distribution system. Sanmina-SCI continues to develop and invest in leading-edge technologies and this agreement with DuPont Electronic Technologies is one more example of our commitment to the industry."

"We look at this agreement as a winning combination for our customers," said Robert J. O'Connor, global business manager, Embedded Passives, DuPont Electronic Technologies. "DuPont Interra HK planar capacitor laminates are easy to use and extremely reliable, which is why they are being rapidly integrated into many large scale, high-end application designs. As we continue to put science to work in developing increasingly thinner and higher capacitance density materials to expand the Interra™ embedded passive materials product line, we are pleased to work with technology partners like Sanmina-SCI to contribute to our customers' success."

DuPont Electronic Technologies is creating embedded passive materials under the DuPont Interra brand. The Interra embedded passive materials family includes embedded planar capacitor laminates, screen printable polyimide thick film paste products, and ceramic-based screen printable thick film pastes.

SOURCE: DuPont Microcircuit Materials