News | May 20, 1999

ERG Shines Light on Large Backlit Displays

Power supply maker Endicott Research Group (ERG; Endicott, NY) is introducing a high-powered, yet economical, approach to LCD backlighting power supplies. Designed for LCDs that are backlit by multiple cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFTs; also called cold cathode fluorescent lamps, or CCFLs), ERG's MC product line now has three new inverters--all designed for large, high power, multi-CCFT LCD backlighting applications, such as flat panel displays.

These latest ERG products provide maximum power, at optimum reliability, at minimum cost. Able to power as many as ten CCFTS, a typical MC design is an open card, with on-board transformers that are fully encapsulated. ERG will be offering MC supplies with multiple dimming options and in a variety of package configurations.

Complements Existing Boards

The initial MC inverter offering complements some existing ERG MT and IB part numbers. The first MC inverter being introduced complements the existing ERG Type MT, which is an encapsulated inverter that, in ERG's IB Series of Plug and play products, sits on a circuit board containing two mating output connectors, optional on-board dimming circuitry and a right-angle header.

The new MC inverter will provide the same functions, size and height as the IB Series, but at a lower cost. For example, on the newer MC inverter, only the transformers are encapsulated (to handle the high voltage); the rest of the board is open, reducing manufacturing costs and OEM price. Speaking of price, an MC inverter comes in at less than about $40.00 each in quantities of 1,000 or greater. Delivery is 4 weeks A.R.O.

For more information, contact Endicott Research Group, PO Box 269, Endicott, NY 13760, or call the company toll-free at 800-215-5866 (or dial 607-754-9187, Ext. 3011). You can fax ERG at 607-754-9255, or send E-mail to