News | May 11, 1999

Hewlett-Packard Hosts Third Jetsend Developer's Confab

Hewlett-Packard Company (H-P) will host the Spring '99 JetSend Developer's Conference next week in San Diego at the Hyatt Regency San Diego Hotel. JetSend is a device-to-device communications protocol that lets information appliances exchange information directly and intelligently across an intranet, or using Fast Infrared Port (FIR) connectivity.

Last November H-P introduced JetSend technology for mobile devices, a software development kit (SDK) that enables you to integrate JetSend communications into a variety of Microsoft Windows applications. Already ported to Windows 9x and NT v4.0, the JetSend SDK supports TCP/IP as well as infrared transport protocols. The SDK also includes the hooks for Universal Serial Bus (USB), IEEE-1394 FireWire, and RF connectivity. Copies of the SDK are priced at under $600/seat. That price includes 90 days of tech support (discounts are available for multiple seat SDKs).

Three Years In The Making

With three years of JetSend evolution now under its belt and more than 2.5 million JetSend applications in the marketplace, H-P expects this year's conference promises to provide a wealth of information for developers of all levels. The conference will cover in-depth technical classes on how to implement JetSend into office and mobile products, to specialized discussions led by market leaders.

Conference topics will include discussions of JetSend and other standards, JetSend in scanners and printers, JetSend and digital photography, and JetSend Proxy Solutions. The conference will also focus on JetSend licensing and Partner Programs, and use of the Office Appliance Developers and JetSend Mobile Appliance Developers Kits. Other topics will include building a JetSend environment, a discussion of JetSend and infrared, and the use of JetSend with the popular Palm Computing Platform. Sessions will also look at JetSend and Windows CE, as well as JetSend and VxWorks. Plan to be there!

Contact Stewart Johnson at H-P at (208) 396-3002, or via email to For details on the SDK, call H-P at (208) 396-6034.