High Density Plus

Source: Winchester Electronics Corporation
Winchester Electronics High Density Plus® (HD+) product line is an all-inclusive backplane connector system...
Winchester Electronics High Density Plus® (HD+) product line is an all-inclusive backplane connector system consisting of signal, power, guide, and polarization modules. All backplane connector modules are sold individually, while daughtercard modules are mounted onto an extruded aluminum stiffener and sold as "stiffener assemblies." The ability to stack a variety of modules next to one another allows OEM designers to create custom connector configurations using standard off-the-shelf components.

Contact centerline spacing for HD+ signal modules is a .100 x .100 inch grid. Backplane pin connectors contain robust .025 square inch pins, which are less likely to be damaged during assembly, handling, and mating than many of today's higher density backplane connector systems. Backplane pin connectors are available in solder tail or with Winchester's proven, reliable, and industry leading C-Press® compliant pin technology.

Signal modules are available as 3- or 4-row modules with either 15 or 20 positions per row. For applications that require improved electrical performance, signal modules can also be supplied with 1 or 2 additional contact rows that help to:

  • Minimize reflections due to impedance mismatches.
  • Reduce cross talk between adjacent signal contacts.
  • Minimize inductance of contacts used for power and ground.
  • Integrate power distribution into the backplane.

HD+ power modules, available in 20 and 30 Amp dual contact modules, make the HD+ connector system well suited for board-to-board high power applications. Backplane power modules contain blade-style contacts and are available in several different heights to provide sequential mating in first-make/last-break (fmlb) applications. Right-angle male stiffer assemblies consisting of 30 Amp power modules, signal modules, and guide modules are also available for planar PCB mating applications.