News | May 6, 1999

Jeode Platform Facts

Source: Insignia Solutions Inc.
Insignia Solutions Inc.Facts about the Jeode platform:
  1. What is the Jeode platform?

The Jeode platform is Insignia's implementation of the Java technology, which is uniquely designed for embedded systems and to be compatible with Sun's EmbeddedJava specification.

2. What is included in the Jeode platform?

The Jeode platform includes the Java-compatible Embedded Virtual Machine (EVM), which is a Java runtime environment that is small, fast and predictable. The Jeode platform includes embedded class libraries, and build-time and runtime tools that enable developers to configure an EVM that is optimally balanced between size, speed and predictability. The Jeode platform supports a suite of programming tools to help developers write and debug Java programs.

3. Why do developers want to use the Jeode platform?

The Java platform is a highly desirable language and runtime environment for dynamic applications, but to date it has not been practical for use in resource-constrained environments, such as embedded systems. The key features of the Jeode platform such as high degree of configurability, small footprint, optimal performance, and predictable response make the Java environment viable for embedded systems development for the first time.

4. What is the EVM?

A key component of the Jeode platform is its Embedded Virtual Machine or EVM. The EVM is a runtime engine that enables Java applications to run in a small footprint with good performance and predictability. The EVM uses unique technologies, including adaptive dynamic optimizing compilation for fast execution and precise concurrent garbage collection for predictable behavior. The EVM can be configured and tuned to meet small and demanding memory requirements.

5. Is the Jeode platform compatible with Sun's Java specification?

The Jeode platform is compatible with Sun's EmbeddedJava specification. Insignia has signed an agreement with Sun Microsystems for sharing the Java compatibility test suite, source code and related technologies, to ensure compliance with Sun's industry standard specifications.

6. What processors and operating systems does the Jeode software run on?

The Jeode platform is initially available on a variety of operating systems such as Windows CE, Windows NT and Linux, and a variety of target processors such as Intel x86, ARM, MIPS and Hitachi SH, with more planned to follow.

7. How can I evaluate and purchase the Jeode platform?

The Jeode platform is available for evaluation and purchase from Jeode. Source code and binary licenses are available.

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