News | September 29, 2003

Maxwell Technologies Joins New Ultracapacitor Industry Trade Association

Source: Maxwell Technologies

KiloFarad International to Focus on Education, Product Standards, Regulatory Framework

San Diego, CA -- Maxwell Technologies announced today that it has joined KiloFarad International (KFI), a trade association formed to promote and represent the global ultracapacitor industry.

Richard Smith, Maxwell's executive vice president for strategic business development, said that the formation of KFI is an indication of the maturation of ultracapacitor technology from the research and development stage to large-scale commercialization.

"With the emergence of ultracapacitors as a standard option for energy storage and power delivery in consumer and industrial electronics and transportation applications, the industry needs to work together globally in areas of common interest such as product standards and establishing an appropriate international regulatory framework." Smith said. "We see a huge opportunity for ultracapacitors, so as a leading manufacturer and a co-founder of KFI, Maxwell strongly supports KFI's programs to tell our industry's story, promote professionalism and represent our interests."

Claude Letourneau, KFI's executive director, said that the organization's mission is to promote the interests of the international ultracapacitor industry in the commercial and regulatory arenas through education and representation.

"With active participation and support from Maxwell and other ultracapacitor manufacturers, system integrators, OEM customers, and others, KFI can help to accelerate the adoption of ultracapacitors by providing a forum in which these stakeholders can collaborate and act responsibly and cooperatively on a wide range of key issues," Letourneau said.

More information on KFI is available at its web site: