News | May 3, 2004

Maxwell's 4th Annual BOOSTCAP DAY Showcases New Ultracapacitor Products, Applications

Source: Maxwell Technologies

Event attracts over 100 engineers and scientists from more than 50 companies worldwide

San Diego, CA -- Maxwell Technologies reported today that its fourth annual BOOSTCAP DAY, showcasing new ultracapacitor products and customer applications, attracted record attendance of over 100 engineers and scientists representing more than 50 companies from 15 countries.

Robert Tressler, Maxwell's vice president, sales and marketing, said that the large turnout reflects rapidly growing global interest in ultracapacitor-based energy storage and power delivery solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Consumer and industrial electronic devices;
  • Fuel cells, windmills and other alternative energy generation systems; and
  • Braking energy recapture and torque assist applications for vehicles ranging from forklifts to autos, trucks, buses and trains.

"By the end of 2004, we expect to be supplying BOOSTCAP products in production volumes for more than 50 individual customer applications," Tressler said. "Based on the growth we have experienced over the past year and the month-to-month increase in sampling, testing and design-in activity, there is no question that ultracapacitors are now a standard energy storage and power delivery option for engineers and system designers."

In addition to the company's technical and product presentations, the BOOSTCAP DAY agenda included 10 end-user and industry analyst presentations on applications, including heavy duty vehicles, automated utility meter reading systems, both stationary and vehicular fuel cell systems, various subsystem and motive power applications for light and heavy rail systems, and pitch control systems for windmills.

"Four years ago, we were in an education mode, describing what ultracapacitors were and how they worked," Tressler observed. "Today, as demonstrated by the testimonials we heard here, our customers really understand the performance and longevity advantages of ultracapacitors over batteries and other energy storage and power delivery devices, and their experiences are sparking increasing interest in industry and technical circles. Now, the key to translating that progress into mega-volume ultracapacitor product sales is cost-reduction, and Maxwell is moving aggressively to establish itself as our industry's low-cost producer."

Source: Maxwell Technologies