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Neoconix Unveils Our SPH & CBM 112G High-Speed Link

A Mezzanine Array Connector Family featuring High-Speed + Power within a pitch 0.5 & 0.6mm enabling the highest DP density and best performance in the Industry!

San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - Neoconix today announced immediate availability of the ultra-dense C-Beam "Mini" (CBM) and SPH3 "Ultra" board to board array connectors enabled by C-Beam™ technology. Capable of supporting 112Gbps data rates with offered pitches of 0.5mm and 0.6mm.

The CBM "mini" & SPH3 "Ultra" Product Families maintain the PCBeam™ historic design flexibility & manufacturing benefits, while integrating our new C-Beam technology to redefine cutting-edge in Compression array -mezzanine interconnect. CBM and SPH3 connectors offer ultra-low profile mated heights of 1.3mm & 1.1mm respectively.

C-Beam™ technology is an extension of PCBeam™ technology specifically developed for ultra-dense pitches down 0.4mm and high-speed applications up to 112Gbps. The large pin counts offered enable the combining of numerous high speed differential pairs, power and signals in one connector.

C-Beam construction allows up to 40% reduction in pitch as compared to PCBeam. Like PCBeam technology, the C-Beam offerings are available with extensive customizability.

Offered in low-profile LGA/LGA format, implementations include onboard optical modules, high speed Board to Board connections, and other interconnects requiring high speed and low profile.

The Neoconix CBM "mini" connector family provides 84 and 128 position counts at 0.6mm and 0.5mm pitch respectively within a standard configuration size less than the diameter is a US Dime coin.

The Neoconix SPH3 connector family provides six offerings with three configurations (Large, Med. & Small) in 2 pitches (0.5mm & 0.6mm), with pin counts ranging from 408 positions to 840 positions.

"Neoconix is proud to be a leading innovator in z-axis compression, mezzanine array interconnect solutions" said Fred Hooper, Business Development Manager for Neoconix. "The ability to offer a one-piece solution supporting both high-speeding signaling and useful power is what sets Neoconix apart from competition."

  • CBM-XB128A, 128Pos, 0.5mm pitch
  • SPH3-SB408A, 408Pos, 0.5mm pitch
  • SPH3-MD480A, 480Pos, 0.6mm pitch
  • SPH3-LB600A, 600POS, 0.6mm pitch
  • CBM-XB084A, 84POS, 0.6mm pitch
  • SPH3-SB560A, 560POS, 0.5mm pitch
  • SPH3-MB672A, 672POS, 0.5mm pitch
  • SPH3-LB8040A, 800POS, 0.5mm pitch

The CBM and SPH3 family of connectors is available today through Neoconix and its sales representatives. Most solutions are stocked to support sample quantities for immediate shipment.

In addition to its standard CBM and SPH3 connector solutions, Neoconix will work with customers to define custom connectors if their application requires it.

About Neoconix

Neoconix, Inc. is a premier supplier of high density, high performance electrical connectors and interconnects. The company leverages its advanced printed circuit board (PCB) processing techniques to enable high-performance connectors at low cost. Characterized by exceptional dimensional control at fine feature sizes, Neoconix' s PCBeam™ technology is ideal for a broad set of board-to-board, flex-to-board, and LGA socket applications. Neoconix' s products and technologies are used in many markets, including mobile electronics, telecommunications, computing, and data centers. Additional information or samples may be obtained by visiting our website at, or contacting the company at

Source: Neoconix, Inc.

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