News | October 23, 2003

Online Seminar to Address Ultracapacitor-Based 'Hybrid' Power Solutions for Electronic Product Designers

Source: Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies' "Optimizing Energy and Power in Emerging Electronic Products" Set for 10 a.m., (Pacific) October 29, 2003

San Diego -- Maxwell Technologies will conduct a live online NetSeminar entitled, "Optimizing Energy and Power in Emerging Electronic Products" at 10 a.m. (Pacific), October 29, 2003.

Bobby Maher, Maxwell's director of technical sales for BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitors, said that attendees will learn how "hybrid" system designs combining ultracapacitors for power and standard batteries for energy can deliver low-cost, high-performance, system solutions for a wide range of consumer and industrial electronic devices.

"Historically, both power and energy needs have been met by a single component, forcing designers to compromise between those two distinct requirements," Maher said. "New features in emerging electronic devices demand even more power, but consumers want both increased functionality and low prices. In many cases, the answer is to use low-cost standard batteries for energy and ultracapacitors to 'cache' power rather using expensive high-power batteries."

The live, interactive, seminar will allow participants to pose real-time questions to an expert panel consisting of Maher, Richard Smith, Maxwell's executive vice president for strategic business development, and Mark Cohen, Maxwell's director of power products. Please use the following link to pre-register/attend: