Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL

Source: Spectracom

This RF/Microwave frequency counter/analyzer can be used to measure, analyze, and calibrate microwave frequency, power, and pulsed RF time parameters like pulse width and PRI. This system features a graphical display and improved control over measurement.

The CNT-90XL Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer provides pulsed measurements down to 30 ns, a speed of 250k measurements/s to internal memory, 14 digit display resolution, statistical analysis that includes histogram, trend, and modulation domain display, and much more.

Areas of application include:

Continuous Wave (CW)

  • Microwave link carrier frequency calibration
  • Microwave link power calibration (using battery option)
  • Satellite communication equipment testing
  • Maintenance of military communication systems
  • R&D and production of military electronics
  • CW Doppler radar systems and component testing (speed radar)
  • RF and microwave instrumentation calibration
  • RF components and modules testing (e.g. YIG and VCO)

Pulsed RF

  • Military/civilian radar installation and maintenance
  • R&D, QA and production test of military/civilian radar and missile guidance equipment
  • Airport landing systems installation and maintenance
  • Components and modules testing (radar, transponders)
  • Medical electronics R&D