News | November 12, 2020

Richardson Electronics Announces New SiC Schottky Diodes From UnitedSiC

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La Fox, IL (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: RELL) announces the availability of new SiC Schottky diodes from UnitedSiC, now with the lowest VF-Qc for fast switching applications.

With its innovative device technology, UnitedSiC enables its customers to deliver industry-transforming levels of power efficiency to the most advanced applications. Its 3rd generation field-effect transistors (“FETs’) provide excellent switching speed, fast body diode, high-temperature operation, low RDS(ON), and ruggedness that make them outstanding solutions for all switching circuit topologies.

UnitedSiC recently expanded its 3rd generation SiC diode portfolio with the UJ3D 1200V and 1700V devices (UJ3D1210K2, UJ3D1220K2, UJ3D1250K2, and UJ3D1725K2). Typical applications that will benefit the most from these devices include fast-charge electric vehicle (EV) charging access points, industrial motor drives, and solar energy inverters. Key features are:

  • 25A rated option for the 1700V
  • 10A, 20A, and 50A rated options for the 1200V
  • >8.8mm clearance between anode and cathode
  • Lowest VF-Qc for fast switching applications
  • Excellent surge current capability

“UnitedSiC continues to amaze as a leading developer of silicon carbide products. The addition of these new diodes brings its already existing third-generation product portfolio to a new level of excellence," said Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President of Richardson Electronics' Power & Microwave Technologies group.

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About UnitedSiC
UnitedSiC develops innovative silicon carbide FET and diode power semiconductors that deliver the industry’s best SiC efficiency and performance for electric vehicle (EV) chargers, DC-DC converters and traction drives, as well as telecom/server power supplies variable speed motor drives and solar PV inverters. Visit for more information.

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