News | June 18, 2020

Seeed Fusion Releases Biggest Ever Library Of In-Stock Parts For Accelerated Turnkey PCB Assembly

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ - Seeed Fusion's star service gets a huge boost with over 150,000 in-stock components in the Open Parts Library. Now it is even easier to get super-fast PCB assembly from just 7 working days.

Touted as Seeed Fusion's answer to high speed product development, the Open Parts Library (OPL) slashes the time going from paper to product to days instead of weeks. By utilizing local resources and mature supply chain infrastructure, Seeed can cut down the most time-consuming part of the PCBA production cycle, parts procurement.

Traditionally, with imported parts, turnkey PCB assembly can take as long as a month or even more, constituting a major drawback and limitation of outsourcing to other countries such as China. The process of getting the parts to the assembly line alone can take weeks due to customs and complex logistics. Compare this to sourcing locally, which takes a mere few days. As such, many simply cannot afford to wait and opt for assembly closer to home, despite much higher set-up and production costs.

To remedy this, Seeed Fusion created the Open Parts Library. A huge catalog of parts for the Seeed Fusion Assembly service that are available within a few days. Strategically located in the Silicon Valley of Hardware, Shenzhen, components suppliers and manufacturers are on Seeed's doorstep. By sourcing all parts from the OPL, one only needs to wait for the bare printed circuit boards to begin assembly. Combined with quick turn PCB production, the entire PCBA production time can be reduced to just 7 working days.

Aside from enabling high-speed turnkey assembly, the OPL also serves as a unique procurement resource for the Seeed Fusion PCBA service. The OPL contains over 150,000 different parts from favorites from leading manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Microchip, ON Semiconductor, often for much cheaper with direct from manufacturer rates. But the OPL also contains popular local alternatives such as resistors, capacitors, connectors and optoelectronics from JST, CJT, Yageo and Everlight, which may otherwise be difficult to source. By utilizing these parts, even in a partial capacity, costs can be greatly reduced.

It is Seeed's goal to enable value for money yet competitive PCB assembly across all fields, be it industry-leading equipment or boards for teaching electronics. The Open Parts Library serves as a valuable resource when it comes to fast turnarounds, but anyone can use it to cut costs for Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly.

First introduced over ten years ago with just over 100 parts, the OPL has come a long way and the latest upgrade represents a milestone in the OPL's capability in helping designers. Check out what is available and get started with an instant online quotation from Seeed Fusion today.

Source: Seeed Studio

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