News | December 17, 2021

SK Broadband Partners With DSP Concepts To Deliver Immersive Home Entertainment With Audio Weaver

Built with DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver framework, new AI Sound Max set-top box features three-dimensional audio perfectly tuned by Bang & Olufsen

Santa Clara, CA /PRNewswire/ - Today, DSP Concepts, whose Audio Weaver framework powers sound and voice for many of the world's best consumer and automotive brands, announced its work with SK Broadband to develop the company's latest device, a fully equipped set-top box, the AI Sound Max.

Developed with the DSP Concepts Audio Weaver framework, the device combines the latest advancements in artificial intelligence with industry-leading audio tuning from Danish luxury audio company, Bang & Olufsen.

By using Audio Weaver, both SK Broadband and Bang & Olufsen were able to easily collaborate to craft the playback sound of the AI Sound Max without having to write and debug low-level code. The result is a stereo soundbar that delivers excellent quality sound through its integrated Bluetooth speaker, including the immersive Auro-3D audio format, as well as accurately detecting user voice commands.

"The Audio Weaver framework provided a fully customizable and precise tuning system that we needed for this ambitious project. The graphical design environment paired with the embedded processing engine enabled us to work collaboratively across teams while accelerating development time and reducing engineering bandwidth," said Sangbum Lee, VP of Technology at SK Broadband. "We're very proud of the AI Sound Max and look forward to building future products that meet the increasing consumer demand for premium home entertainment and home audio in Korea and beyond."

"Our work with SK Broadband reinforces the value of Audio Weaver from both a flexibility and product performance perspective," said Chin Beckmann, CEO and co-founder of DSP Concepts. "Throughout the pandemic we have seen a significant increase in the demand for audio performance that elevates the home entertainment experience. Brands are looking for ways to innovate and differentiate and by choosing to tune with Audio Weaver, SK Broadband has done just that."

AI Sound Max provides a three-way sound system, which automatically adjusts the sound of the TV content using different modes. Film mode, for example, offers outstanding spatial audio for a true cinematic experience at home. Precisely finished edges and symmetrical details on the narrow sides emphasise the premium overall look. With its reduced form, the device conveys a contemporary aesthetic that fits well with frameless televisions for a sleek and modern look.

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About DSP Concepts
DSP Concepts is the Silicon Valley based creator of Audio Weaver, the low-code development framework that makes audio innovation easy. Audio Weaver offers more than 550 drag-and-drop processing modules, fully customizable to provide a flexible, extensible solution for OEM's while reducing risk and accelerating time-to-market. Audio Weaver equips engineers with real-time workflows to quickly stand up prototypes, collaborate and modify designs across teams, and deploy to the most popular chipsets from leading semiconductor companies including NXP, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, and Arm. Audio Weaver powers audio experiences from companies ranging from Tesla and Porsche to Spotify, GoPro, and many more.

About SK Broadband
SK Broadband is a Korean telecommunication company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom. SK Broadband provides media, communications and data services to residential, business, governmental, and wholesale customers.

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