Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Systran Corporation

Source: Systran Corporation
Systran Corporation

Systran Corporation is a leading supplier of highly-specialized, high-performance data communications products for data-intensive, real-time applications. Our innovative products are used in simulation, process control, advanced digital signal processing, data acquisition, image processing, test and measurement, and more . . . virtually any application where critical data -- whether bits, bytes, or megabytes -- must be transferred quickly, accurately, and dependably.

Systran's commercial research and development covers a variety of high-performance data communications technologies including Fibre Channel, ATM, and others. Our SCRAMNetâ+ ultra-low latency network is now a third generation product, with thousands of boards in use around the world. Our FibreXpressâ Network and FibreXtremeä Simplex Link products include Fibre Channel-based data link solutions that achieve sustained data throughput up to 105 MB/sec. Systran's 1553 Solutionsä include microcode-based MIL-STD-1553 boards, GUI interface software, and the latest in advanced bus switching technologies. We also design and manufacture Systran's I/O Solutionsä, a complete line of advanced modular I/O mezzanine boards and high-density carriers.

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop with our products. Our ISO9001 certification guarantees that you'll receive a consistently high level of quality not only in everything we make, but in everything we do - whether it's pre-sale consulting and application engineering, timely product delivery or comprehensive post-sale technical support.

At Systran, we are truly meeting today's data communications challenges with tomorrow's solutions!