News | May 20, 2004

Tantalus Selects Maxwell Ultracapacitors To Power Wireless Transmitters

Source: Maxwell Technologies

New systems target multi-billion-dollar global market for advanced meter reading and data management systems to enhance efficiency and reliability of energy distribution

San Diego -- Maxwell Technologies announced today that Tantalus Systems Corp., a designer and manufacturer of data communication networks for utilities, has selected Maxwell's BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors to power wireless transmitters in its Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet) family of products.

Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and CEO, said that Tantalus and Maxwell have entered into a multi-year strategic development and exclusive supply agreement to accelerate deployment of advanced meter reading and data management systems in the North American electric utility market.

"Tantalus is a recognized leader in the dynamic and rapidly growing market for wireless networks that enable utility operators to read meters remotely, automate distribution and manage energy demand and power quality," Balanson said. "In particular, Tantalus' system is the only one capable of reporting power outages from any single meter in real-time. This alliance validates Maxwell's efforts to provide cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions that meet the most demanding specifications for durability and reliability."

Keith Martin, Tantalus' president and chief technical officer, said that the company selected BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors to power remote modems in new generations of its TUNet products after extensive testing and evaluation of various energy storage options.

"Maxwell's products emerged as the clear choice for these applications based on several key criteria, including the robustness of their construction and their extremely long operating life," Martin said. "Our utility customers are looking for systems that require no maintenance and operate reliably for many years, and we believe that BOOSTCAP products will allow us to continue to meet that expectation with our new generation of products."

Martin said that Tantalus estimates that the market for its TUNet network devices and infrastructure products has been growing at more than 20% annually across the past four years and now exceeds $1 billion a year.

"Advanced communications networks are becoming an increasingly strategic part of a distribution utility's ability to perform in today's energy delivery marketplace," Martin said. "Advanced Metering is one of five significant utility applications supported by TUNet. Since 2001 total annual shipments of advanced metering devices deployed within electric, water and gas utilities in North America has exceeded 7 million units per year."

Source: Maxwell Technologies