News | November 17, 2004

Tecate Industries To Distribute Maxwell Ultracapacitors In North America

Source: Maxwell Technologies

San Diego -- Maxwell Technologies has signed an agreement with Tecate Industries, a supplier of capacitor products, to distribute Maxwell's BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor products throughout North America.

Robert Tressler, Maxwell's VP of sales and marketing, said that Tecate's extensive North American sales network will complement indirect channels Maxwell already has established in Europe and Asia, enabling the company's direct sales team to concentrate on large, strategic, industrial and transportation customer relationships.

"Tecate specializes in capacitor products and has 75 sales representatives who will significantly expand our reach and leverage in the marketplace," Tressler said. "This is a very cost-effective way of responding to growing demand for our BOOSTCAP products and enhancing technical support for customers of all sizes."

Tom Wight, Tecate's national sales manager, called the agreement "a tremendous opportunity to extend Tecate's capacitor offering with leading-edge ultracapacitor technology and technical support."

Tecate will handle Maxwell's PC5, PC5-5, PC10 and BOOSTCAP0350 products.

Source: Maxwell Technologies