News | October 26, 2004

U-Chip Partners With Ansoft For High-Performance, Low-Power IC Design

Source: Ansoft LLC

Nexxim(tm) circuit simulator enables successful tapeout of multi-million gate flat-cell ROM device

Hsinchu, Taiwan - October 26, 2004 - Taiwanese semiconductor memory specialist U-Chip and Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ANST) jointly announce their partnership for integrated circuit (IC) design and simulation. The power of Ansoft's Nexxim circuit simulator is essential for U-chip to predict transient behavior and power consumption of their embedded read only memory (ROM) IC designs.

"Our customers require high-density memory devices operating at low core voltage and low power," said Juei-Lung Chen, General Manager at U-Chip. "Nexxim is the only simulator that provides the capacity, reliability and transistor-level accuracy for the large circuits we design."

Modern embedded ROM devices find application in many electronic products and provide several megabytes of storage using many millions of transistors. The basic building block of the memory device is the individual memory cell. Detailed and accurate characterization of memory-cell functionality at the transistor level is critical to ensure timing and minimize power utilization.

U-Chip evaluated the performance of several commercial simulators before selecting Nexxim. Benchmarks performed on a memory cell with 47,500 transistors established the clear advantages provided by Ansoft technology with results that matched measurements within 1 percent. One well-known SPICE simulator, while providing transistor-level accuracy, failed to handle the large transistor count. Two commonly used fast-SPICE simulators offered the capacity, but predicted incorrect DC solutions and distorted transient waveforms after the first few clock cycles. "We must have confidence in our circuit simulator before we can commit to silicon," says Juei-Lung Chen. "Fast-SPICE simulators are not fast at all if you end up re-spinning the chip."

"Nexxim's role in the successful tapeout of U-Chip's ROM device is a testament to the value our technology delivers to high-performance IC designers," said Dr. Mark Reichelt, Director of Nexxim R&D at Ansoft. "Nexxim's speed, capacity and accuracy are achieved through sophisticated new algorithms and numerical techniques."

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About Nexxim
The Nexxim circuit simulator provides fast and accurate solutions for complex, high-performance analog and mixed-signal circuits. It combines the transistor-level simulation accuracy required for sensitive analog and wireless front-ends with the capacity to solve the complexities in modern mixed-signal integrated circuits. New numerical algorithms and advanced software engineering combine to deliver 10x to 100x improvement in simulation speed, accuracy and capacity compared to other commercial simulators. The dynamic link to HFSS(tm) electromagnetic-field solver provides on-chip passive, signal integrity, and IC package modeling. Nexxim's accuracy and capacity has been validated in both frequency-domain (including harmonic balance) and time-domain (transient). Customer benchmarks have ranged in complexity up to thousands of harmonics and hundreds of thousands of devices. For detailed information, please visit

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