News | August 12, 2003

Wavecom and AIRDESK to Offer CDPD Conversion Product

Source: Wavecom, Inc.

AIRDESK to Have One-Year Exclusive on Conversion Kit for Transition from CDPD Networks

Conversion Kit to Aid in Impending Transition from CDPD Networks

Philadelphia & San Diego -- AIRDESK, a provider of wireless data solutions and services, and Wavecom, Inc. today announced an exclusive one-year deal to provide a CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) Conversion Kit that facilitates the migration to newer, more competitive wireless data standards. The CDPD Conversion Kit converts wireless functionality from CDPD networks to technically superior GSM (Global System for Mobile) /GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) networks. This international distribution agreement gives AIRDESK the exclusive right to sell the CDPD Conversion Kit to its network of systems integrators.

Within the next several years, all CDPD wireless networks in the U.S. will be decommissioned and those services migrated to higher performance GSM/GPRS data networks. The CDPD Conversion Kit, utilizing Wavecom's WISMO Quik Q2426B module, allows wireless devices operating on a CDPD network to function as GSM/GPRS devices with minimal effort on the part of systems integrators. This approach enables customers to maximize their existing investment in CDPD technology while taking advantage of more efficient GSM/GPRS wireless data capabilities. For example, the Embedded Interpreter Software converts the majority of CDPD AT commands into GSM AT commands, minimizing modifications to the original device and allowing tens of thousands of CDPD users to manage a simple, cost-effective transition to an alternative network.

"As our partner in M2M and wireless telemetry, AIRDESK is in a unique position to offer an established sales channel for the CDPD Conversion Kit," said David McCartney, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Wavecom, Inc. "AIRDESK has an extensive systems integrator network that will develop solutions for myriad vertical industries, providing Wavecom with an excellent client base as we establish a leadership position in M2M technology."

AIRDESK has an extensive customer network in a variety of industries that Wavecom will leverage, including vending, fleet management, security and utilities markets. AIRDESK is a recognized expert in developing and implementing wireless data solutions and has implemented or supported M2M solutions in over a dozen vertical markets.

"We value our new relationship with Wavecom and look forward to working with them closely. They are an integral leader in this market and have contributed substantially to the growth and viability of M2M, said Michael Lang, CEO, AIRDESK. "Their commitment to us further solidifies our leadership in M2M and wireless telemetry and puts us at the center of a major technology conversion."