Wavecom's CDMA Modules Selected by Telular for Wireless Local Loop Applications

Source: Wavecom, Inc.
<%=company1%>, the U.S. subsidiary of Wavecom SA, announced today that Telular Corporation will use Wavecom's wireless technology in its line of fixed cellular equipment. Telular is implementing the WISMO Quik(TM) CDMA Q2300 & Q2400 integrated wireless modules from Wavecom in its Phonecell(R) SX4D Desktop Phone and Phonecell SX4e terminal for voice, fax and PC communications. Using technology from Wavecom, Telular provides fixed wireless telecommunications equipment to developed and developing countries where wireline systems are unavailable, unreliable or uneconomical.
The flexibility and ease of integration of Wavecom's wireless solutions lower product development costs and speed time-to-revenue for customers. The price-performance metric of the Wavecom solution is also an important factor given the highly competitive nature of the fixed wireless market.

"Telular recognizes Wavecom's expertise providing high-performance, cost-effective wireless solutions and is happy to be partnering with them on development of our fixed cellular products," said Dan Wonak, Senior Vice President Business Development at Telular. "Telular is committed to bringing modern telecom services to markets where introduction of traditional wireline capabilities is not feasible and where carriers are looking for additional revenue opportunities. Wireless technology from Wavecom is an important part of that equation."

Fixed cellular offers consumers an effective solution by circumventing traditional landline service. Through its patented interface technology for connecting standard wireline equipment to cellular networks, Telular's Phonecell products provide consumers with quality wireless voice and data access using familiar fixed phones. In developing countries, Telular implements wireless local loop (WLL) technology, which represents what is often the fastest and most cost-effective means of providing basic telephone service. Telular's products can also be used by wireless operators in developed regions for wireline replacement, bundled services and least cost routing, among other applications.

"WLL is an ever increasing vertical market where our WISMO GSM and CDMA modules and modems are becoming the engines of growth," said David McCartney, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Wavecom Inc.