Product Showcase

  1. Backlight LED Drivers for Smartphones and Tablets

    Skyworks has recently released four new backlight LED drivers designed specifically for next-generation smart phones and tablets.

  2. Switches and Capacitors for Antenna Tuning

    Antenna tuning and antenna diversity are key for smartphone manufacturers looking for analog semiconductor solutions that can handle more than 20 cellular frequency bands, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth®.

  3. 1P2T Solid State RF Switch: 50S-1832

    This solid state RF switch has a 1P2T configuration and operates in the 960-1300 MHz frequency range. It has an impedance of 50 Ohms nominal, a -20oC to +70oC operating temperature range, and more.

  4. Cavity Notch Filter: 1000-15000 MHz

    The cavity notch filter has a center frequency of 1000-15000 MHz, maximum input power 100 watts, operating temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C and can withstand 25 G's of shock and 10 G's vibration.

  5. VGAs for LTE and WCDMA Infrastructure

    These low noise, variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) are ideal for low noise/high linearity systems and LTE/WCDMA infrastructure applications. Three different models are available with frequencies as low as 814 MHz and as high as 915 MHz. Each model has a 35 dB gain and 3 dBm input IP3 (SKY65370-11 has a  6 dBm input IP3). Download the datasheets below for additional specifications and information on features.

  6. Time and Frequency Synchronization System

    SecureSync® is a modular time and frequency synchronization system that features extreme reliability, security, and flexibility for synchronizing critical operations in commercial and military applications.

  7. Heat Sinks with Low Thermal Resistance

    Heat sinks are used for the dissipation of heat from high performance integrated circuits (ICs). Two different series are featured here; the forged heat sink series, and the extruded heat sink series. These heat sinks feature excellent thermal performance and are applicable to BGA, PGA, PLCC, QFP, and other IC packages.

  8. 7-Way Space Qualified Power Divider

    This space qualified power divider operates in the 620-820 MHz frequency range and uses a combination of ferrite and microstrip technologies in a hermetically sealed flatpack.

  9. 40 and 100 Watt PIN Diode Switches

    These symmetrical SPDT switches are ideal for T/R and failsafe switching applications in LTE base stations, land mobile, and military radios. Three different models are available with varying frequency ranges, power handling, insertion loss, and isolation.

  10. 1.7 µm InGaAs/InP Epitaxial Wafers for 1D: 2D Sensors

    To comply with increasing demands for higher transmission rates and longer wavelength components, Marktech is now producing high reliability wafers on 4" substrates utilizing sophisticated manufacturing processes in Epitaxial InP thin film growth. GaAs and SiGe based components are known to have limitations in speed. InP platform based devices are capable of exceeding these transmission rate limitations, including the operating margin.