Heat Sinks with Low Thermal Resistance

Source: CTS Electronic Components

Heat sinks are used for the dissipation of heat from high performance integrated circuits (ICs). Two different series are featured here; the forged heat sink series, and the extruded heat sink series. These heat sinks feature excellent thermal performance and are applicable to BGA, PGA, PLCC, QFP, and other IC packages.

CTS’ forged heat sink series includes the AER, APF, and APR series. They are low profile and thin fin heat sinks ideal for large ICs (integrated circuits) with heat dissipation needs. They attach to the IC via adhesive tape or a clip and are easy to handle, requiring no special tools to assemble on the IC package or additional holes on the PCB.

The extruded heat sink BDN series has been designed to be a cost effective alternative to conventional heat sinks. They have a pre-applied adhesive tape that peels off and sticks directly onto the component. The adhesive’s shear strength at 100oC is 36 psi, meaning a one inch square heat sink requires 36 lb. of force to remove it from the component. This simple attachment method reduces assembly costs.

To learn more about how these heat sinks can help with your heat dissipation needs in ICs, download the available datasheets.