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  1. Toshiba Starts Shipment Of UL 508 Certified Photorelays For Industrial Control Equipment

    Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has obtained US safety standard UL 508 certification for the following nine photorelay products: DIP4 package series “TLP3556A,” “TLP3558A” and “TLP241A;” and DIP6 package series “TLP3543A,” “TLP3545A” and “TLP3546A;” and DIP8 package series “TLP3547,” “TLP3548” and “TLP3549.” 

  2. Single-Stage, High Power Factor LED Driver-Controller From Diodes Incorporated With Mixed-Mode Dimming

    Diodes Incorporated recently announced the introduction of the AL1665 single-stage, fly-back and buck-boost controller for commercial, connected, and dimmable LED lighting installations operating at up to 100W

  3. Renesas Launches RX72T Group To Expand Microcontroller Options For Servo Control In Industrial Robots

    Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, recently introduced the RX72T Group of 32-bit motor control microcontrollers (MCUs) with dedicated hardware accelerator IP to perform the complex, high-speed computations required for motor control in robots and other industrial equipment

  4. Silicon Labs Partners With Pulsic, Selecting Animate As Its Automated Layout Solution For Analog IC Designs

    Pulsic, the premier provider of custom physical design tools for precision design automation of analog/mixed-signal designs, today announced that Silicon Labs will use Pulsic’s Animate solution for its forthcoming IC analog designs

  5. Alpha And Omega Semiconductor Announces Super Low Capacitance TVS For USB3.2 & Thunderbolt 3.0 Protection

    Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors and power ICs, recently announced the release of AOZ8661BDT-05 a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) for high-speed line protection using the latest Super Low Cap TVS platform

  6. Vincotech Extends Flow E1/E2 Product Line’s Power Range

    Vincotech GmbH today announced it has extended the power range of its flow E1/E2 product family. Featuring the latest IGBT M7 chip technology, these modules come in PIM (CIB) and sixpack configurations for 25 A, 50 A and 100 A

  7. Power Integrations Unveils Complete Range Of Switcher ICs With Integrated 900 V MOSFETs

    Power Integrations, the leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, recently announced the release of a suite of offline switcher ICs incorporating 900 V primary MOSFETs

  8. Cobham Introduces LeanREL Electronics Featuring World-Class Harsh Environment Performance At Lower Costs

    Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions, a leading provider of electronics technology and services for space and other high reliability applications, announced recently the new LeanREL product family designed to meet the needs of small satellite and non-traditional spacecraft manufacturers.

  9. PRO DESIGN Launches Intel® Arria® 10-Based Product Family Of FPGA-Based Prototyping Systems

    PRO DESIGN, a veteran in the E²MS and EDA industry, adds with uno, duo and quad A10 GX 1150 systems three new members to its successful proFPGA product family

  10. New 10W Reed Relay From Pickering Electronics Suits High-PCB-Density Applications

    Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered miniaturization and high performance for over 50 years, has added a new 10W-rated reed relay to its successful 4mm2TM product family which features devices that occupy a PCB footprint of only 4mm x 4mm, facilitating the highest packing density currently available