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  1. MagnaChip Offers Multi-Level Thick IMD Process For Capacitor With Ultra-High Breakdown Voltage

    MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation ("MagnaChip") (NYSE: MX), a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor platform solutions, today announced it now offers a multi-level thick IMD (Inter-Metal Dielectric) process for a capacitor with ultra-high breakdown voltage

  2. Universal Electronics Announces Additional SMT Manufacturing

    Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI) has increased its RoHS compliant printed circuit board and higher-level assembly electronics manufacturing capabilities with the addition of new capital equipment for its manufacturing facilities in Whitewater and East Troy, WI

  3. IXYS Announces 200V Ultra-Junction X3-Class Power MOSFETs With Fast Body Diodes And Lowest On-Resistances

    IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a global manufacturer of power semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs) for energy efficiency, power management, transportation, medical, and motor control applications, today announced a new power semiconductor product line: 200V Ultra-Junction X3-Class HiPerFET™ Power MOSFETs. The current ratings range from 36A to 300A; a broad selection of devices are available in a number of international standard packages

  4. Vishay Intertechnology’s First AEC-Q100 Qualified Analog Switch Improves Signal Integrity And Bandwidth For Automotive Applications

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE:VSH) today introduced a new AEC-Q100 (Grade 1) qualified dual DPDT / quad SPDT analog switch featuring low resistance of 0.37 Ω at 2.7 V and 338 MHz bandwidth in the compact 2.6 mm by 1.8 mm by 0.55 mm miniQFN16 package

  5. KEMET Receives Defense Logistics Agency Approval For MIL-PRF-32535 ‘M’ And ‘T’ Levels

    KEMET Corporation(NYSE:KEM), a leading global supplier of electronic components, today announced that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has accepted KEMET’s qualification of C0G and BP dielectrics to MIL-PRF-32535 “M” and “T” levels making them the first base metal electrode (BME) MLCCs qualified for defense and aerospace applications

  6. Remcom Announces Circuit Co-Simulation In XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software

    Remcom announces circuit co-simulation and expanded signal integrity capabilities in the latest update to XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

  7. Endura Technologies Announces Availability Of ET7730 - Industry's Smallest 6A Embedded Voltage Regulator (eVR™) Solution In 1mm(3) Volume, Operating At 130MHz

    Today, Endura Technologies (International) Ltd, announced the ET7700 product family, the industry's first 28nm embedded voltage regulator (eVR™)

  8. THine Announces Yamaichi Electronics’ Development Of Flexible Printed Circuit Cable For THine’s Next-Generation High-Speed Interface Specification, V-by-One US

    THine Electronics, Inc., the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, has been collaborating with several partners in development of transmission lines for THine’s next-generation high-speed interface specification for 4K and 8K video images, V-by-One US, and Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd., one of THine’s partners, will deliver sample products of flexible printed circuit cable that provides potential compliance with V-by-One US specification

  9. Mercury Systems Unveils First SpectrumSeries OpenRFM-Compliant Microwave Transceiver

    Mercury Systems, Inc. recently announced the new SpectrumSeries RFM3101 ultra-wideband microwave transceiver at the 54th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention in Washington, DC. Designed in accordance with OpenVPX standards, Mercury’s new product integrates OpenRFM-compliant receiver and transmitter building blocks with versatile local oscillator (LO) circuitry to deliver exceptional phase noise and high dynamic range performance.

  10. Ardent Concepts Releases User-Friendly Design Update To Its TR Series Multicoax Connector

    Ardent Concepts, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance GHz connectors used in the development of next generation semiconductor applications has released a new design of its 20, 40, & 70 GHz Straight Mount TR Multicoax series connector